This page is dedicated to the men
who lost their lives in
the Granite Mountain Fire
Butte, Montana
June 8-9, 1917

Read about the worst hard-rock mining disaster in American History

List of Names








Listed here are the unfortunate men 
who died in this tragic mine accident.

* Indicates bodies unidentified

Names are spelled as they appear on their death certificates, headstones, in the 
newspapers, in the Coroner's report, or on the memorial.  Some names 
may not be accurate due to the various spellings that were found.  
A few variations are listed in parenthesis after their name. 

Allen, Francis H.*
Anderson, Nils*
Bajovich, Jovain (John Bijovich)
Barros, Peter
Bennetts, Henry*
Bigcroft, George W. (Bigcraft)
Bixby, John B.*
Bjornstrom, John (Bjornstron)
Borden, Alex
Borden, Sam M.
Brady, John J.
Budovinac, Daniel (Badovinac)
Callahan, Tim J.*
Cavella, James F.*
Cavella, John*
Chapman, Ernest L.*
Chytil, John*
Conroy, Mike
Curran, Francis G.
Dabcovich, Yoko (Dapcovich, Andrew)
De Boer, Albert H.
Dillon, Tom*
Doherty, Pat*
Dougherty, Dan
Dougherty, Neil
Dugan, Manus (Duggan)
Durkin, Mulaki
Erakovich, Phillip (Filip)
Erickson, Emil*
Erickson, Fred
Fagan, Pat
Fitzharris, Maurice A.
Fitzsimmons, Pat*
Fors, A.W.
Frank, Alexander*
Galfi, Peter*
Gallagher, Mike*
Gamwells, John
Garrity, Tom
Gately, John J.
Gergich, Mike
Gorrie, George E.
Grandbeck, Erik* (Grandik)
Grethas, Mike*
Gustafson, Emil*
Harris, Tom*
Haskins, John
Hastings, Peter
Henderson, John H.
Hill, Matt
Huff, Tom L.*
Hyttinen, Everett
Ivicich, Antone (Ivicicich)
Jacobson, Jacob (John J.)
Janovich, George
Jegglin, Albert
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Otto E.
Joyce, Thomas
Juntikka, Kristian
Kane, Bartley
Kappetan, Maki (Mike)
Kelly, Peter*
Kennedy, Dan*
Kokkonen, Toyvo*
Konecney, Ben*
Kovacich, Charles
Kovich, Sam
Krelich, Paul*
Kubilus, Mike*
Lalanne, John P.*
Lavery, Patrick
Leary, Bat*
Lehti, Emil*
Linstead, Young
Liovich, Marian J.
Liovich, Martin
Liso, Jani (John)
Luso, John
Longi, Gust (Longo)
Lorey, Edward
Lundgren, Victor
Lynch, John Wesley

McAdam, Joseph H.
McDonald, Norman R. *
McGuinnis, John J.
McHugh, James H.
McNeill, Glen
Majesky, Nick*
Mangels, Fred (Lafrenz Mangels)
Martin, Dan
Massa, Albino
Mikanikoff, Andrew*
Miller, John
Millick, George*
Moore, James D.
Moran, Martin
Morris, John M.
Morris, Walter*
Mostoski, Theodore
Murphy, John M.
Murphy, Lawrence*
Murphy, Patrick M.
Murray, Arthur H. "Art" *
Murray, Mike*
Negley, James A.*
Niemi, John A.
Nosovich, Petear
Novack, Joe A.* (Novac)
Nurmi, Dave
Obrado, Steve
Oling, Eric (Olin)
O'Neill, Cornelius "Con"
Painter, Fred
Palo, Wiljam*
Perry, Jeff
Pitcikos, Thomas
Ponderiskis, Jim*
Posharsky, Gust*
Powers, Claude*
Pretti, Toni*
Ramo, Steve (Remo)
Ramsay, William K.
Reichle, William
Richardson, Ben
Rintilla, Toivo*
Roberts, W.C. "Kelly"
Sallis, Gust*
Sanquin, Harry (Sangwin)
Semich, Frank*
Seminkin, John*
Shafford, Victor L.
Sheldrup, Melchior*
Sheridan, Peter
Shields, Patrick
Simotovich, Nick
Skondula, Frank*
Slater, John
Smith, Irving J.
Smith, Thomas*
St. Jacques, Wilfred
Sulemi, Salle*
Sulau, Ernest A. (Sallau)
Tchovillo, Thomas (Tchovili)
Thomas, George
Thomas, William C.
Thompson, Vernon*
Tombe, Kenneth*
Tregoning, Alfred B. (Tregonning)
Trotter, John
Truex, Robert (Truax)
Vaara, Matti
Vodovar, Savo
Vogel, Richard
Vukovich, Chris (Krsto)
Welch, Charles H.*
Weraje, Uno*
White, Charles
Williams, Oliver J.*
Wilson, Nilor *
Wintuk, Sam D.*
Xelros, Nick*
Yates, William
Yukonovich, Mike* (Eukonovich)
Zizich, Steve (Zicich)


This list was compared to the Coroner's report at the 
Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives.  

Several of the names have been found with different spellings.
The names above are spelled as they were on the Coroner's report, on death certificates if  available ,
or from newspaper notices and obituaries. Future updates will be made if required.

Pictures taken by Suzanne Andrews
May 12, 2014

Suzanne Andrews
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