Silver Bow County
Poor Farm Hospital

Potter's Field
(Poor Farm Cemetery)

The County Poor Farm was built as a hospital in 1902 as the early development of care for the indigent in Montana.  It is the only such structure remaining in the state.  Silver Bow County had previously maintained a poor farm and quarantine house on this property. They had contracted hospital services elsewhere. The mines of Butte attracted thousands of immigrant workers, and many had no means of support once they arrived in Butte. It was apparent that medical treatment was desperately needed for these people.  The new hospital included an operating room, offices, patientsí rooms, and wards. The hospital served the needy until the current system of welfare was adopted in the 1930s. After that the hospital continued services to the county until a new facility was built in 1956. The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) took over the building in 1976.

Picture is courtesy of the 
Butte Silver Bow Archives 
and shown here with permission.

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