Pictures of Unknown People

The two photographs above were inherited by an aunt in Swansea, South Wales.  They were particularly intriguing as they were taken in Butte by the renowned photographer, Dusseau.  Nobody in my Welsh family was aware of any family member who had emigrated to the USA  but I did discover that neighbours of my great great grandmother had travelled to Butte via Baltimore in the 1880s. The name of the copper smelter from Swansea was John John so I thought it might be him but I have no evidence that is the case.  I would be very interested to find out if anyone in Butte recognises the people in the photographs.

If any one recognizes the people in these photographs, please email me at  Thank you. M. Brookes


Miners in Butte around 1910
Young man seated is Lyle Alfred 'Rowland' Wells
(he was about 15 years old)
Submitted by Cherie Cloudt

If you recognized any of the other gentlemen, please let me know.



Following are some unidentified people. 
If you recognize any of these people, please let me know.
Suzanne Andrews









Unknown Female Child

This was on a postcard that was found in East Butte several years ago.   Can anyone identify this little girl? No markings or photographer names were noted on the card.

The above photograph was found in my mother's pictures. I do not know who she is for sure, but have an idea it was a good friend of the family. If any one recognizes this lady, please email me.

 Suzanne Andrews
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