Name and Place index to Letters from France written by
James Joseph MORRIS during World War I while serving in
Company D, Montana's 163rd Infantry during World War I

Charles Lewis Scott Letters Two letters written from France
by Mr. Scott, who was a bandsman with Montana's
163rd Infantry during World War I

World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing for Montana
Listing of Army and Army Air Force personnel who died in the line of duty in World War II.

Military records of Montana in the MTGenWeb Archives


Do you have historical information with regard to any Montana Military unit?

Specifically, we're looking for names of Montana Military units, branches of service, date and information concerning their formation, military campaigns in which they served, etc.

Are you able to contribute accurate lists of servicemen, (service rolls), from any Montana city or county?

Often, these lists appear in county or city record books, memorial pages from newspapers, memorial stones in city parks, etc. Or, if you have material from which one could derive lists of servicemen who served in a particular Montana unit, that could prove to be most helpful.

You can also contribute to this page if you'd be willing to write and send us an original, documented and uncopyrighted brief history of any of Montana's early military. This might include history of the various forts, the units which occupied them, the campaigns in which they fought, etc.

Notify the MTGenWeb State Coordinator if you feel you can contribute to this page! Thank you. 

Montana Military Units and Service Rolls

List of Forts in the Northern Plains

Official Site of Malmstrom Air Force Base, MT


MTGenWeb Project Data Archives

The following are a few of the Military related files in our MTGenWeb archives. More files can be found by going to the MTGenWeb Archives Table of Contents site and scrolling down to the Military archives.

 List of casualties at Custer's Last Stand

 Roster of First Montana Infantry Field and Staff

 Roster of Troops--Third Squadron, Third U.S. Volunteer Calvary Troop F

 Roster of Troops--Third Squadron, Third U.S. Volunteer Calvary Troop M

Montana National Guard, Company H, 16 August 1897

 Roster of First Montana Infantry, Part 2 COMPANY I-FIRST BATTALION

 The 91st. Infantry Division US Army

 91 st Division "The Wild West Division" 181st. Infantry Brigade 362nd Infantry Regiment


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