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The Montana Law Enforcement Museum & Officers Memorial, located in the Old Montana State Prison, Deer Lodge, MT, is a Non-profit Educational and Historical Incorporation formed and operated by members of Montana's law enforcement community and supporters of criminal justice.  Permission was given by Terry Tyler of the Montana Law Enforcement Museum & Officers Memorial to publish on this web site, the current list of officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.  I will do my best to update the list as needed.

Ed Smith, Officer (Ret), Modesto Police Department, Modesto, California, put together information on Montana officers who died in the line of duty, and was kind enough to give me the file for this website.  It is in a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file, and I have created a link to that file so that you may view this information. 

Thank you so much Terry Tyler and Ed Smith for allowing me to use this information in honor of all those who gave their lives doing their job of protecting others. 

(Click here for more information and to see badges and a few pictures)

Aleksich, Nick
Alsup, James S.
Ammerman, Marion
Anderson, James
Arrigoni, Batt
Bergan, Michael
Bitle, Orville
Bloom, Delbert
Bockman, John F., Chief
Brannin, Joseph S.
Briese, David L.
Burford, Arthur  "Buzz"
Burmester, Richard
Cavanagh, Frank
Chadwick, Shane R.
Comes At Night, George
Connolly, Frank
Courtney, Thomas A.
Couture, Alex
Curry, Luke
Curtice, Frank C.
Daly, Dennis H.
Davis, Raymond L. "Buzz"
Derosier, Val
Dillingham, D.H.
Dougherty, Patrick
Downing, Commodore P.
Eikhoff, George
Flynn, John
Fossen, Otto S.
Fraser, James
Freshman, Joseph
Garfield, Jesse
Gartside, Harold
Gilmore, Robert P.
Graham, David
Green, Leslie A.
Gregory, Donald E.
Hamilton, Josephus
Hannah, Robert T.
Haskins, Clifford W.
Hedstrom, Richard E.
Hergesheimer, Randy S.
Hodges, Roy
Holmes, William
Holte, Peter
Huffaker, George W.
Jordan, William F.
Keeler, Irving
Kimery, Allen L.
Korizek, Anthony
Patrick R. Kramer
Kranbeck, Frederick
LePiane, Stephen A.
Lincoln, Ivan W.
Locke, Herbert
Mackay, James
Matthies, Peter
Mavity, Alexander Finlayson
May, Robert M.
McCarthy, B.J. "Bart"
McCleod, John
Metzel, Frank S.
Murphy, Lloyd E.
Murphy, Jeremiah J.
Neitzling, Jacob
Nelson, Enos
O'Donnell, Ed
O'Leary, Dennis
O'Neill, Thomas
Oldhaber, Albert
Olson, Julius B.
Pace, James H.
Parlin, Fred A.
Peterson, Oscar T.
Pine, Leroy A.Jr.
Rader, William Arthur
Read, Paul A.
Ren, Michael M.
Robinson, John
Rogers, Janet
Rothe, Theodore
Russell, Frank L.
Rutherford, Joshua Thomas
Sage, Joseph E.
Sage, Russell J.
Sara, Eugene
Semingsen, Segval
Shaffer, Stephen
Sharbono, Orville
Shonrock, Leo Clinton
Spotted Wolf, Terry L.
Steele, Robert G.
Stevens, Fred
Streb, Charles B.
Streb, John J.
Stringer, Lloyd J.
Stuart, Edwin E.
Sullivan, Timothy
Summers, James
Taylor, H.M.
Tenbroeck, Ed
Thompson, James B.
Thompson, John C.
Thompson, Roy
Todd, I.L.
Trudeau, Edmond
Wahl, Adam
Wallace, Richard C.
Warburton, George
Ward, Lyle
Webb, James T.
Whitsel, H. Frank
Williams/Faul, Jack
Williams, Don R.
Wilson, Charles
Wood, Hershal T.
Wyman, C.K.
Young, George T.
Zollman, Martin

If you have a connection to one of the officers listed on the Honor Row, 
and/or have an obituary or other story to tell about the officer, 
I would be happy to include it on this website, 
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